10 January 2015

At the Trade Deadline 27: Player Collection Cards from the Prowling Cat

I sent some cards off to the Prowling Cat a while back, and he sent some cards back. The cards hit on many of my player collections. First up is a couple of elusive Hakeem Olajuwon cards from the 90's. The Skybox card features a cameo of Patrick Ewing, one of the villains of that era's NBA, at least from my perspective. He always looked so grouchy, and he had a rivalry with Hakeem that went all the way back to college ball. Beam Team was always a cool insert set, but I never could afford Stadium Club cards as a kid, let alone Stadium Club inserts.

This is a cool Danica Patrick card from Press Pass Premium. This might be my favorite card in the package. It's from the Studio Insider subset, which features zoomed-out photos of the drivers during the photo shoot. I'm pretty sure I didn't have this one already.

I liked the artsy look of the 2011 Press Pass Eclipse cards. I think these cards would make good prints or posters to hang on the wall. Both of these cards feature Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s # 88 car. I especially like that one on the top.

Wrapping things up is a couple cards of Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernandez. It's kind of a shame that such a good pitcher has been stuck on some less-than-stellar teams throughout his career. Maybe this will be the year that they get over the playoff hump?

Thanks for the card, Zenus!

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