13 January 2015

Jon Singleton Supreme Autograph # 05 / 25

I wanted a Topps Supreme autograph of Jon Singleton, and now I have one. It didn't cost me a whole lot, and it's a nice-looking card. I imagine that purple background means that this is some kind of parallel, but who even knows? This one is numbered # 05 / 25, so it's a pretty low-numbered card. There's one out there on eBay right now with the serial number # 04 / 20 that I want because Singleton got busted for smoking weed and my juvenile sense of humor thinks that 4/20 jokes are funny. I don't know yet if that joke is worth the seller's asking price to me.

School started up this week, which seems to actually increase my posting rate. I think it's because I need excuses for procrastinating on my homework, and writing blog posts is a great way to put off an assignment. My wife is starting school again this semester as well, so that is going to be an adventure as we try to fit it all in. This should be the last semester before I graduate, though, so that is a bonus.

The Denver Broncos lost their game with the Indianapolis Colts this week and got themselves an early exit from the playoffs. Now their head coach is gone and people are saying that Peyton Manning might not come back for another try. I was at work when the game started, and by the time I got home the score was so lopsided that I didn't even bother turning the TV on. I guess that makes me a bad fan. I hope that Manning comes back next year, but I would understand if he doesn't. He's probably got enough money in the bank, so now it is all about trying to add on the the legacy and put another Super Bowl ring on his finger. Maybe that stuff isn't worth the grind of another season to him. I just don't want the Broncos to go back to being a team with quarterback questions. I thought for sure that they'd get one ring with Manning under center.

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