18 January 2015

My Favorite Christmas Card of 2014

Quite a few bloggers got baseball cards in their Christmas cards this year, and I was happy to be included in that number. I received a Christmas card from Ryan, the creator of the famed Munnatawket custom Allen & Ginter set and in addition to the season's greetings and a thoughtful note thanking me for my blog posts featuring his handiwork, he included some highly-desired cards from his set. The highlight was this Vladimir Guerrero card from the What Could've Been insert set, serially-numbered # 13 / 25. This insert set features athletes in uniforms they could have worn if things had turned out a little differently. This card features Vlad as a Blue Jay. He signed with the team in 2012 and played a few games in their minor league system, but left the organization after they refused to promote him to the major league team. This is a pretty cool idea for an insert set, and it is well-executed.

The base set was recently expanded by 12 cards, and an Astro made the list by way of George Springer in a nice rainbow-hued uniform. This set is very cool and well-executed, and I am always excited to acquire new pieces from it for my collection. It definitely made for a memorable Christmas card. Thank you, Ryan!

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  1. Cool. Bummer Vlad didn't get to keep on playing.