16 January 2015

Danica Patrick in My Textbook

At the start of December I mentioned that I'd bought a bunch of Danica Patrick cards, mostly parallels, from eBay sellers who were offloading some big collections. I didn't have a lot of luck in getting any big hits or parallels featuring her actual picture on the card fronts, but I was able to grab quite a few cards featuring her car and her hauler and her pit crew. These two cards are parallels from the 2012 Press Pass set, a gold foil one numbered # 27 / 35 and a blue holofoil numbered # 30 / 35.

My blog has kind of been on NASCAR overload lately, but these cards I bought in mid-November are the only pictures I have cropped and uploaded into my Drafts folder. I've probably got a couple hundred other cards scanned, but I haven't chopped the scans all up into individual pictures and uploaded them yet. There's a lot going on right now, and I have difficulty making time for blog posts.

Here are the card backs. We get a photo of the driver herself and a little rundown of a Nationwide race where Danica finished higher than any other female racer ever had. And going back to the title of the post, Danica had a quote featured in my Business Ethics textbook reading assignment this week. It was something to the effect that part of a successful racing strategy is staying one step ahead of the rules committee by finding loopholes for car setup faster than the committee can get them closed.

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