04 July 2014

N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens 3: Buff Cochin China Hen

I planned on writing about some form of sports cards today, but I'm in a bit of an agricultural mood, so you get another chicken card from the N20 Allen & Ginter set. I believe this is the first hen I've shown so far, a Buff Cochin China Hen. Like the Brahma I showed off in my first post about this set, this is a nice heavy-bodied feather-footed breed. These cards are just nice to look at.

Why am I in an agricultural mood tonight? My dad has a farm with about 20 head of cattle, and he will keep our freezer stocked with meat if we go and help him out with them whenever he needs to give them shots or whatever else needs done with them. So I went out there for the 3rd of July to help with some of that stuff. But first we had to unload and move a new chute he got for his Longhorns, because they don't fit too well in the chute we'd always used for the Angus. For whatever reason the cows were all riled up today, so they tore up some gates, busted some panels, and in general caused a lot of trouble for us. The bull was so eager to get in among the females that he busted the wall of the crowding tub and eventually jumped right out of it, crushing another panel. It all made for a rather long day, and I am sunburnt, I've got blisters on my feet, and I am quite dehydrated. The forecast for today was that it would be around 100 degrees, and I am pretty sure it got there.

After I got home and took a shower, I sat down and got the Blue Jays - A's game turned on just in time to see R.A. Dickey pitching and Munenori Kawasaki making a pretty nice catch at 2nd base. Kawasaki had a few questionable plays after that and Dickey wound up taking the loss, but it started out all right. Then I tried to watch the Astros-Angels game, and MLB.TV wasn't working. Boo!

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