11 July 2014

N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens 5: Malay Cock

This card is another one from that lot of cards I bought from a seller on the Network 54 vintage non-sports card forum. It's a pretty nice card, even if the picture isn't my favorite. I like the large, squat chickens more than I like the tall, lean ones. This particular breed can grow over two feet tall and can be pretty aggressive, often associated with the 'sport' of cockfighting.

That is a ridiculous-looking bird. It's like a dinosaur bird. I don't trust it at all. Unfortunately, I needed a Malay Cock card to complete my set, and this one fits the bill. According to the PSA population report, my card is pretty well in the middle, with three cards graded higher (a high of 6) and two cards graded lower (a low of 2). I am not going for the highest-graded set, but I think it would be nice to average around a PSA 4.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's a big chicken. Reminds me of Chicken Boo from Animaniacs,