31 July 2014

Seeking Redemption 7: Bo Jackson 2014 Museum Collection Signature Swatches

Yesterday I got a redemption from Topps in the mail. It is a pretty cool Signature Swatches relic autograph of Bo Jackson. Unfortunately, the autograph is terrible. It's like Jackson signed it with the driest marker he could find and then smeared ink and debris across the whole thing. I will probably reach out to Topps on social media and see what they can do. If past experience is any indication, they will probably ignore me.

On the plus side, I was expecting a card numbered out of # / 299, and this one is numbered # 22 / 60. I guess that will have to serve as my list of positives. Oh, and the terrible autograph is on-card rather than being a terrible autograph on a sticker.


  1. To me this is an even better card than the RIP you pulled. Good stuff!!

    1. It is a pretty cool card. I am pissed off about the crappy quality control, but it is still a pretty nice card. True to form, Topps hasn't responded to e-mail or Twitter inquiries regarding my dissatisfaction with the condition of this card when it arrived in my mailbox.