22 September 2014

Breaking it Down 16: 2014 Triple Threads Blue Jays

Sometimes I have a hard time doing what I say I am going to do. The online breakers who I watch most often put a coupon out for 20% off their prices on a particular case break of 2014 Topps Triple Threads, and that was enough to get me to sign up for another break, even though I said I wouldn't be doing that any more. I got a couple of Jose Bautista cards, a base card and an Emerald parallel numbered # 002 / 250. The Baltimore Orioles slot got the parallel of the break, a Chris Davis # 1 / 1. I don't remember who got the big memorabilia hits from the case. I do know that it wasn't me. The Emerald card is noticeably larger than the base card, but that appears to just be a byproduct of trying to cut thick cardstock to uniform sizes.

Here are the card backs for completeness. I put the images up on Zistle, so I already had the backs scanned. The most interesting factoid on this card has to be the one about his torque-generating hips. I wonder if Shakira would make a good MLB power hitter?

I did get a couple of relic cards for my team, so I guess I made out better than some. The Ricky Romero is a Sepia parallel and is numbered # 21 / 27 and the Adam Lind relic card is an Emerald parallel numbered # 04 / 18. Both are plain grey swatches, although they appear to be made from different material.

Again, here are the card backs, which in the case of the relics mirror the colors on the front of the cards. Romero was an All-Star in 2011, but in 2014 he was sent to the minors before the season started and then had season-ending knee surgery. Adam Lind had a couple stints on the DL this season, but was pretty effective when he was on the field.

And that does it for that group break. I got some cards for my money, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. The Blue Jays are usually one of the cheaper teams in breaks, and you can't always get Bautista, Encarnacion, and Dickey hits. People who paid a lot more for their spots came away with a lot less. One of their subsequent breaks dropped a Jose Bautista All-Star Game triple patch card, so I missed hitting it big by that much.


  1. "I wonder if Shakira would make a good MLB power hitter?"

    I volunteer to collecting data for that study

    1. A study like that could be a lot of fun but not very informative, or extremely informative but not very fun. It would either be a lot of charts and tables calculating how far batted balls travel in relation to hip motion, or a few hours spent on Youtube watching music videos.