29 September 2014

Fantasy Football Advice

I don't have time for a real post in the immediate future, so I am giving you some Fantasy Football advice. Go back in time and draft this guy as your starting quarterback in the 6th round:

Andrew Luck: Starting QB, Third-string Ladies' Man

Then maybe your team will be 4-0 like mine is. Bonus points if you are drafting on your phone during class and pick up high-scoring wide receivers in the 2nd and 3rd rounds as a panic move because all the top running backs are taken, then play it off like you planned it that way when the top running backs get arrested/get injured/are ineffective.

I reserve the right to retract all of this when my team crashes and burns during a pivotal playoff match-up in about ten weeks' time.


  1. That was me last year with Aaron Rogers and Calvin Johnson, but Rogers got hurt and my team came crashing down.

  2. Nice work with Luck. I made some good picks (Giovanni Bernard, Antonio Brown), and some bad ones (Eddie Lacy, RG3, Torrey Smith). So I'm sitting middle of the pack.

  3. I picked Eddie Lacy, too, and that has been a mistake. But I got Luck, Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, and Martellus Bennett. My running backs are a motley crew who don't score any points to speak of, but my other positions have really paid off so far.