18 September 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 24: A Super Addition to the Josh Reddick Super Rainbow

Way back in February I made a post featuring all of the cards I had from the Josh Reddick 2013 Topps Super Rainbow I was building. What is a Super Rainbow, you might ask? All of his cards from Opening Day, Flagship, Mini, and Chrome featured the same image on front and text on the back with the exception of the card number in some cases, and I set out to see how many variations of the card I could get. At that time I had 32 variants of the card, and between then and now I added 3 more for a total of 35 cards in the Super Rainbow. Now I have added a 36th card to the collection, and it's a doozy:

That's right, I added the Topps Chrome SuperFractor to the list of cards in my possession. It sort of came into my collection by chance, as I had given up for the most part on adding any more cards to the Super Rainbow. I happened to be browsing the Josh Reddick listings on eBay and almost passed the card over because the scan looked a bit like an X-Fractor on my phone screen. But I noticed the slight golden tint and clicked on the auction. It had five minutes left and no bidders, so I went ahead and put in a bid. Five minutes went by without any further bidding activity and it was mine. The seller didn't have a lot of Feedback on their eBay profile, which made me a little nervous, but the card showed up quickly and relatively well-packaged.

And here is the back with the ever-important # 1 / 1 stamped in foil. This is the second # 1 / 1 card I have for the Super Rainbow, with the other being a Black printing plate from Chrome that I got in April. I would argue that this SuperFractor is a more desirable and legitimate one of one than a printing plate, though, holding a level of prestige that is hard to match among baseball cards. Those blue discolorations are present on the back of the card and not artifacts from the scanning process. There are still a couple of variations of Reddick's card out there that are not a part of my collection, but this is really the crown jewel of the group.