07 September 2016

Contested Shots 14: Harvesting Some Wheat(on) from Sport Card Collectors!

The Sport Card Collectors blog has some kind of arrangement with various card companies in which they get boxes of cards to break and review. Those breaks almost always come with some kind of contest, where some key cards from the break are given away. In addition, the blog also runs other contests that aren't connected to any box breaks. I don't enter all of the contests, but I do usually put my name in the hat for cards that interest me. One such product is Panini's Donruss line, in this case a box break of 2016 Panini Donruss Football. I like Donruss for basketball and football because there is so much variety in a break at a nice low price point. I'm not as enamored with the baseball product because it doesn't have logos, but a Donruss break usually yields tons of parallels, inserts, and hits. It might be the most fun and variety you can get from a current box of cards.

The contest affiliated with the Donruss break linked above was for this prize, a 2016 Donruss Press Proof Black of Steelers wide receiver Markus Wheaton. I am a Broncos fan all the way through, but Wheaton was on at least one of my fantasy football rosters in the last couple of years and the black theme of this card went so well with the Pittsburgh color scheme that I threw my name in the hat for this prize. The # 05 / 10 serial numbering didn't hurt, either. When the entries were tallied up and randomized, my name appeared at the top of the list! Just a few days later the card showed up in my mailbox. Thanks for the contests and the product reviews, Sport Card Collectors!