29 September 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy Hulk Sketch by Brian DeGuire

I've been thinking about doing another Sketch Card Week, but it's hard to post only sketch cards for a whole week. Sometimes there are other things I want to post, but I feel obligated to keep posting sketch cards because it's a themed week. You can't tie me down like that.

I haven't exactly been silent on the blog in September, but I've had a couple gaps in posting. Our fiscal year ends on 30 September, so in my current job this is a pretty busy time for us. I've had just one full day off since some time in late August, and like 28 hours of comp time in the last week. I am done with all of my heavy work for now, and the last couple days of the month should be pretty light. In another couple of weeks things will pick back up again as we follow up on all the stuff we did this month, but for now it's a bit of a break.

The Astros were in the thick of the Wild Card race, just needing to close out strong against the Angels and Mariners to have a pretty good shot at a Wild Card spot. So of course they fell flat on their faces. They didn't lose every game, but they've lost enough to fall out of the race. As of tonight (Wednesday) there is like a one in a zillion scenario in which they still make it, but I am assuming that by tomorrow night that will be over with and they will be officially eliminated.

And now. the sketch card of the day.

This one depicts Marvel character Hulk by artist Brian DeGuire. I've been watching DeGuire's art cards ever since I saw the stained glass designs he did for his Star Wars Masterwork sketches, but this was the first piece of his art that I landed for my collection. It comes from the Upper Deck Guardians of the Galaxy set that was released in 2014. I think this one is a pretty cool sketch, and I really like DeGuire's depiction of the Hulk.

We named all three of our sons after Marvel comic book characters, and Bruce Banner, Hulk's alter ego was the name we chose for one of our twins. The twins are 5 years old now, and Bruce's temper sometimes rivals that of his big green namesake. I guess we should have named him after the Jolly Green Giant.


  1. Cool, I think you're gonna like the promo "ish" theme I will be doing eventually.....

    1. I probably will! I'll keep an eye out for it!