14 September 2016

Pack of the Day 141: Another Pack of 2016 Topps WWE Undisputed

I think I mentioned the other day that I was postponing a Sketch Card Week because I had some cool stuff coming in this week that I wanted to show off. This pack of 2016 Topps WWE Undisputed is part of that stuff, but it honestly isn't that exciting. The one good thing about it is that it's only got 5 cards in it. I am short on time and I'm a little short on patience today, so I should be able to blow through this pretty quickly and move on to bigger and better things tomorrow. I was browsing Blowout Cards and noticed that a couple of things I am interested in were on sale, so I put an order together. Packs of WWE Undisputed were not on sale, but I added one to my cart just to see what I might pull. There are 5 cards per pack, with one guaranteed hit.

The pack contained 2 base cards and an NXT Prospects insert. I guess maybe the WWE has passed me by, as none of these folks really strike a chord with me. I admittedly haven't watched a lot of WWE since I was in high school. There is a lot of other stuff competing for my attention. 

The parallel in the pack is this Blue NXT card of Finn Balor. It's a pretty nice-looking card, although for the life of me I would call the color in-hand Purple a lot sooner than I would call it Blue. But the pack odds don't list a Purple parallel, so it must be Blue. These are a 1:48 pack find, and this one is numbered # 14 / 25. 

Last time I posted about this product, I mentioned that the relic cards look stupid because they have a big blank spot on the front so they can slap an autograph sticker on them without tweaking the design at all for relic autos. I stand by that assessment. This card looks cheap and dumb. The relic swatch is actually a neon yellow color, but like some highlighters it doesn't come through in copies or scans. I am fed up with a great many things tonight, so I am not bothering to take a picture of it so you can see the relic swatch. I don't have anything against Sin Cara. He's just a wrestler I don't have a lot of familiarity with, and the design on these cards is uninspired. It is numbered # 071 / 175. I can't even find pack odds for these. I guess the assumption is that if you don't pull something else as a hit, you get one of these. Or I just can't read that tiny print effectively.

Well, there's the pack. It wasn't a terrible pack because of that Finn Balor parallel, but it certainly wasn't as good as the first pack I opened. I just don't like these relic cards. We've seen similar designs in the various baseball products, so this isn't new. I just don't like it. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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