08 September 2016

Jon Singleton is Clear, Vintage, Negative, and Supreme

I've picked up a few Jon Singleton cards over the past couple of months. He hasn't played at all with the Astros this year, and hasn't really done all that much in AAA. I have to wonder if he's ever going to get back up to the major leagues. He's still pretty young, but there are a lot of roadblocks for him and his play hasn't helped his case at all. I'll probably keep the Singleton collection going, but the card companies have plenty of other Astros to print cards for and he'll likely be limited to a couple of base cards, if he even gets those.

First up is this 2016 Topps Baseball Series 2 Clear acetate parallel card. These acetate parallels are pretty cool, probably one of the better parallels in the base product from Topps. They can be hard to find, though, as each is limited to a print run of 10 copies. This one is # 03 / 10, and displayed here it looks like regular Singleton is offering a fist-bump to monochrome Singleton.

Sticking with parallels from 2016 Topps, this is the Vintage parallel of Singleton's card from the set. These look similar to the base cards, but they are printed on thicker cardboard and carry an old-school Topps logo on the front. This one is numbered # 73 / 99. I actually wound up with two copies of the Vintage parallel, as I lost track of what I already had in my collection.

And this is the Negative parallel. I bet most kids these days have never even seen a photo negative, but they are probably familiar with the look because of apps with filters and photo manipulation software. I think these parallels look kind of creepy. It might be interesting to build a full set of these and put it in a binder to flip through.

In addition to all the 2016 Topps parallels, I also ran into this autograph from 2014 Topps Supreme back in July. I guess this is the Black parallel of the card, as evidenced mostly by the serial numbering but also maybe those splotches in the background. It is numbered # 1 / 5, and Singleton got the whole autograph onto the sticker. I think I've got a few of his other autograph parallels from this set, but this might be the best one I've found so far.

That pretty much brings my Singleton PC up to date. He's got too much MLB time to show up in the prospect sets anymore, and he's spent too much time at AAA this year to show up in the pro sets, so I don't know how much future cardboard he'll get unless something changes. There are still plenty of cards from the past to chase down, but those don't pop up much anymore. My baseball collecting has slowed down a bit anyway, so I guess it's not too horrible that there isn't much for me to chase lately.

I was happy to see the Denver Broncos win the first game of the season tonight against the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos defense did just about all it could there in the 4th quarter to give the game away, but Graham Gano missed the potential game-winning field goal and the Broncos escaped with a 1-point victory. The only bad part about it is that Gano is the kicker on my fantasy football team, and I could have used those points.


  1. I was a last minute fill-in for a friend's fantasy football league and really had no draft prep and had to do the draft on my blackberry where I couldn't look up the information that I wanted during the draft. We'll see how it goes - right off the bat I missed out on dressing Kelvin Benjamin this week. Oops. (Have Jordy Nelson and Amari Cooper dressed instead.) I'm sure I'll miss Benjamin's points.

    1. Yeah, he had a good game. Nelson and Cooper are both projected to be Top 25 WRs this week, but I doubt they both wind up with higher scores this week than Benjamin. Good luck!