19 October 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 120: 2014 Press Pass Redline Danica Patrick Black and White Parallel

I am thinking about redoing some of my blog categories as some of them are getting a bit repetitive to me, especially my 'What eBay Hath Wrought' series. I haven't been doing a lot of trading or purchasing any packs on the retail market, so most of my cards lately come from eBay. I am trying to think of a good title for my NASCAR posts, but one hasn't come to me yet. 

I got this Danica Patrick parallel from eBay. For this particular card I think I prefer the base card, as it shows her in her blue/white Aspen Dental firesuit. Almost all of her cards show her in the green/black/orange GoDaddy garb, so it's nice to see something different. It's sort of like seeing your favorite baseball player in an alternate or throwback jersey on a baseball card. But none of that matters with this particular card because it is the Black and White parallel and both firesuits look pretty much the same in black and white. It is numbered # 61 / 75, so there aren't a whole lot of them out there, although you can find three or four of them on eBay right now. 

The back of the card continues the theme on the front, featuring the Aspen Dental-sponsored car in full color. Since this card was printed she has added two more Top 10 finishes on the season, but has yet to break the Top 5. She came close in Atlanta on August 31st, finishing 6th, but has had a run of fairly disappointing starts over the last few weeks. Even though she is not in contention for postseason points, hopefully she can run well at Talladega. She didn't qualify well, so she'll have a long climb if she wants to finish among the leaders.

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