05 October 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 116: 2010 Wheels Main Event Head to Head Dale Earnhardt Jr. / Danica Patrick Holofoil

Here is a nice card that I snagged on the cheap because the auction listing was vague and uninformative. Way back in June I grabbed the Silver version of this card, which was numbered out of # / 150. In that post I complained that the scarcer versions of this card were well outside my price range.

I have a number of very vague eBay searches saved that basically cast a net for anything featuring a person on my player collection list. This means there is a lot of junk to sort through and I can ignore 99% of it, but it ensures that I am looking at pictures and can jump on things that I've been searching for even if the seller doesn't do a good job of creating the listing. I wasn't even going to open this auction because chances were huge that it would just be another of the common parallels. Lo and behold, it was the 2010 Wheels Main Event Head to Head Holofoil parallel, numbered # 04 / 10. I don't even think the listing mentioned the full name of the set. This meant that anyone searching for this specific insert might miss out completely. Bad for the seller, but good for me. I placed a small bid and moved on with my life. The end of the auction came and went with just one other person putting in a token bid, and I was the victor. I don't remember exactly what I paid for the first card, but I can guarantee it was more than I paid for this one.

This card is set apart from the more common variants by including relics with seams and stitching across the middle. It looks like whoever placed the swatches in the card made sure to slant the seams in an artistic manner. It's a pretty cool card.

Seeing the drivers standing around on the backs of these cards makes me think of Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, when he wasn't sure what to do with his hands during an interview. Athletes from the traditional sports have equipment to hold and poses they can strike to make a card visually interesting. Race drivers are kind of stuck with choosing between arms crossed and arms hanging down to the sides.

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