06 October 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 117: Groot and Rocket Raccoon Sketch by Jason Crosby

After picking up a Red Sonja sketch card by Jason Crosby, I kept my eye out for other sketch cards created by him. I found this sketch of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Upper Deck's Guardians of the Galaxy set, based on the Marvel film. I can't say I've been a follower of the GotG comic books or anything, but my wife and I did go and see the movie in the theater a couple of weeks ago. Going to the movies or really any type of outing is a rare thing for us. I typically don't have the time or attention span to devote to watching a movie, and we have a hard time justifying getting a babysitter for our kids. I thought the movie was pretty good. Most of the Marvel movies I've seen have been pretty good, but I haven't seen all of the recent ones. I don't know if I've seen any of the recent DC films, either. The Marvel cosmic universe has a lot of interesting stuff, but I think I was turned off of it in my youth because a lot of it was pretty wordy and navel-gazey. The movie did a good job of making most of the main characters interesting on an individual level. In looking at pictures for this post, I came across this fan art by Justin Ponsor of Rocket and Groot done up to look like Han Solo and Chewbacca, which is actually a pretty good parallel as far as mercenary space-farers go.

Pretty good stuff all around. I was glad to add another Jason Crosby sketch to my collection, and it will serve as a nice memento for our great date of 2014. Perhaps in 2015 my wife and I will be able to go out twice or something.

It is nice when the artists go out of their way to sign the back of the card or otherwise make it obvious who actually created the art. I hate trying to identify and credit the artist of a sketch based on a hieroglyph on the front of the card or a couple of hastily-scrawled initials. From what I hear, the artists don't get paid much to do these sketches for the card companies, so the value of doing them really comes from the exposure they get and the commissions and jobs that might come from the sketch cards being seen. All of that is hard to get when no one can figure out exactly who made the art. 


  1. YEEHAW!! Glad you like it! - Jason

    1. I was lucky to get it! I love your work!