24 October 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 123: Hulk Hogan Peck & Snyder Throwback

I don't know much about Peck & Snyder, but the internet tells me they were an early sporting goods company that is credited with creating the first recognized set of baseball cards in the wayback times. So naturally someone decided to bring them back. I guess a full-on Peck & Snyder product will be released soon, but Leaf Trading Cards sent out a promotional set to dealers as a preview. There are 45 cards in the set, featuring stars from various areas of sport. They all appear to be unlicensed, so you're not going to see a lot of logos or actual team/organization names. So in this case Hulk Hogan's affiliation is merely the Wrestling Club of Georgia rather than the WWF/WWE or WCW or something. The rumor is that about 250 sets were produced.

I waffled back and forth on whether to order a set or just to cherry-pick the Hulk Hogan card. In the end I just decided to grab the Hulkster for my collection. The cards are a little bit longer lengthwise and a little bit thinner widthwise than a standard trading card. This supposedly mirrors the dimensions of the originals. The photos have a sepia filter applied to them, which I think is okay, but they have also been chipped and weathered to artificially age the photos. It's an okay idea, but in the execution of it I just find it a little annoying. I would rather have the clear photos with the sepia filter applied.
The back of the card is pretty plain, featuring some more made-up stuff about the Peck & Snyder Company, a mention of Leaf, and a logo dude in a tall hat. I imagine that when the actual set comes around there might be a little bio on the back or maybe variations of color or design as is the norm with the various tobacco throwbacks out there. As a promotional item this is a pretty cool set, but I don't know if I would go out and buy packs of the stuff unless there was something beyond the base set compelling enough to reel me in.

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