31 October 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 127: R.A. Dickey (Blue) Golden Leather

I snagged this R.A. Dickey Golden Leather Blue parallel card from Panini Prizm from eBay a little while ago. It is all Refractory Prizmy and blue and gold. Just like on the Josh Reddick autograph I showed off a couple of days ago, Panini got around the lack of MLB licensing by keeping the player photo relatively small. The top of Dickey's cap is cropped out, so you could pretend like there is a Toronto logo up there somewhere. The card is die-cut along the top in the shape of the baseball glove, and the bottom of the card has a little die-cut whoopty to it, I guess just for fun.

The back of the card discusses Dickey's Gold Glove award in 2013. I didn't read the sell sheet or anything for this stuff, so I can only imagine that the other folks in the Golden Leather set also have won awards for their fielding. This card is serially-numbered # 42 / 75, which means it is just one away from being a jersey number 1 / 1. That must be why I got it so cheap on eBay. If it's not # 1 / 1, # 75 / 75, or # 43 / 75, it must not be that great.

I am kind of disappointed that the Royals weren't able to push a couple of more runs across the plate and win Game 7, but somebody has to lose the World Series. And someone has to win: