19 March 2015

Star Wars Masterwork Luke Skywalker Stamp Relic

One type of card that I didn't pull from the box of Star Wars Masterwork that I opened recently was a Stamp Relic card, which basically is one of the Star Wars stamps released by the USPS in 2007 mounted in a little frame. I decided I needed to pick one up as a part of my Star Wars Masterwork 'type' set in which I do not try to get every card, but I grab the most common sets and supplement the collection with cards from some of the harder-to-find inserts. I wound up getting the Luke Skywalker Stamp Relic card, numbered # 63 / 99.

The back of the card is pretty simple, with a picture of Luke Skywalker, the Star Wars Masterwork logo, and the standard congratulatory message that comes along with any Topps relic card.


  1. Very cool indeed! I think of all the cards I've seen come out of Masterwork, the Stamps are my favorite set.