07 March 2015

Panini Gives Country Music a Chance

When I heard that Panini was putting out a set devoted to country music I was intrigued, hoping for a checklist full of the artists I'd grown up listening to. When the checklist released it kind of fit the bill, but also mixed in an awful lot of newer artists I'd never heard of. It also features a lot of the Hootie and the Blowfish guy. I nearly bought a pack of the stuff when I went into the Local Card Shop to buy some other things but he had only bought a couple of boxes and been surprised by the demand for them, and they had sold out.

In browsing the eBay listings I found one card that interested me, an auto/relic combination featuring Joe Diffie. I decided that instead of trying my luck with unopened product, I would just try to chase that card as a representative of the set for my collection. With the Buy It Now it could be had for about the price of a pack ($28 at the LCS), but I went bargain hunting to see if I could grab one for under $20. I couldn't. In spite of the fact that there are over 200 copies of the base version of this card, copies seem to be pretty scarce. I presume it's because most of the print run is sitting on dealer/distributor shelves.

Like most plans, mine did not survive contact with the enemy. I bid on a handful of base versions and they all went higher than I wanted to pay. Then I saw this card, which is some version of the Silhouette Prime Material Signatures card, maybe the Retail Green parallel. I'm not sure, but that's the only one on the official Excel file with a print run of 5. The Prime cards are similar to the Prime cards you find in sports cards, replacing a plain-colored swatch with one containing a patch or embroidered bit.

As you can probably guess, I emerged from the auction as the winning bidder, paying a bit more for the card than I would have for a base card, but getting a much more limited parallel with a cooler memorabilia piece embedded in exchange. I'll take it. My card is # 4 / 5 in the print run.

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