06 March 2015

Star Wars Masterwork Princess Leia Sketch by Karen Hallion

I like Star Wars a lot, and if I were pressed to choose a favorite character I'd probably go with Princess Leia. C-3PO and R2-D2 would be up there, and Jabba the Hutt is probably the character I quote the most, but Leia is my favorite. The problem with that is that pretty much everything Leia-related carries a premium price tag. I've been watching eBay auctions for Leia sketch cards from the recently-released Star Wars Masterwork set to see if I could land a good deal one that ended at a weird time or got posted with a (relatively) low Buy It Now price.

After a whole pile of misses, I finally landed this piece by artist Karen Hallion. It was a little pricey, but the Buy It Now price was between 50% and 65% of the ending auction prices on her two other Leia sketch cards from the set that have surfaced on eBay so far. I will take that any day of the week.

This is my second Leia sketch card, with the other one by artist Chris Henderson coming from the Star Wars Galaxy set. I haven't shown off all of my cards from the Star Wars Masterwork set yet, but with this sketch card I am probably about done with the product. I considered trying to put together the 25 short-printed base cards, but there just aren't many of them to go around and the prices keep going higher. I put in bids on a bunch of them from the same seller once, but the bids soon went way above my pain threshold and I was tapping out like Cat Zingano against Ronda Rousey the other day.


  1. That Leia looks more like Senator Amidala.

  2. I'm thinking it is this outfit from Leia:


    Hallion tends to draw her in this dress with the high neck a bit exaggerated. In Hallion's Facebook group shot of her sketches for the product this sketch was clearly grouped with the Leia sketches rather than the Padme sketches.

  3. Oh I know it's supposed to be Leia from Episode 4. But the face just screamed Padme Amidala at me more than Leia Skywalker.

  4. I get where you're coming from now. I get a little defensive sometimes. I hope we can still be friends.