20 March 2015

Some 2014 Stadium Club Additions

I picked up a few Stadium Club inserts at some point in the far past. The far past would include approximately the last 4 to 4-1/2 months. I accumulated cards and also took a sort of break from posting, and now I am very far behind on clearing out my draft folder, and even further behind on getting pictures from my scan folder into my draft folder. I was planning on marking the occasion when it passed, but I hit the 500 posts mark a week or so ago. By my count, the 500th post was the one about the lot of vintage Allen & Ginter chicken cards I purchased recently.

This first card is a Foilboard parallel of R.A. Dickey's base card, which is pretty shiny from certain angles in person but just looks like a darker base card in the scanner. The back shows the serial number, which in this case is # 17 / 25. That red jersey is a pretty good look for the Blue Jays. These cards fell about 1:4 boxes.

Here is a Members Only parallel of Matt Adams. The Members Only cards are not numbered, but they were a case hit and estimates say there were less than 10 of each made, with most folks doing the math saying the print run probably fell between 7 and 9. Outside of the big stars, these don't really sell up to their scarcity. That's good for buyers, but not so good for sellers.

And here is an acetate Illuminator parallel of Hanley Ramirez from the Triumvirate insert set. After I pulled a Clayton Kershaw Illuminator card I got the wild idea that I would try to complete one Triumvirate Illuminator trio, because I thought the other two cards were Han-Ram and Hyun-Jin Ryu. But the Hyun-Jin Ryu card apparently falls into the 'Pitchers from Asia' trio with Masahiro Tanaka and Yu Darvish. The other guy who gets grouped in the 'Dodgers' trio with Kershaw and Ramirez is Yasiel Puig. I don't know if you've ever tried to track down a case hit featuring Yasiel Puig before, but it's not something I would recommend. So this trio is on hold indefinitely.

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