17 March 2015

Just the Commons, Ma'am 7: Dickey, Reddick, and Some Horizontal Stadium Club

A couple of months back I was looking to fill out some player collections and finish my 2014 Stadium Club set, so I made a purchase from Just Commons. There wasn't a lot of new stuff for my R.A. Dickey and Josh Reddick, but I did grab one card for each of them. The Dickey is a Season Statline parallel from 2014 Donruss, celebrating his 177 strikeouts in 2013 with a shiny card numbered # 089 / 177. The Josh Reddick card is a Topps 100 Prospects insert card from 2010 Bowman. I like these sets that list the top prospects in order based on some scout's preferences.

You've gotta show the backs of the cards sometimes. Dickey has been all right in Spring Training so far, but it's a sample size of six innings so far and you can't really tell what might happen with the knuckleball over the course of a season. Reddick has only appeared in one Spring Training game so far, going 3 for 3 with 2 runs and 2 runs batted in. Based on those numbers, he should have 486 hits in the regular season, with 324 runs and 324 runs batted in.

In purchasing all of the cards I was missing from my Stadium Club set, I realized that every single one of them was of the horizontal variety. I had up to seven multiples of some of the vertical cards, but I was missing a decent stack of cards and they all were horizontal. I don't know if that means the sideways cards were short-printed or what. I don't recall that happening with other sets, so I wonder what made these cards harder to pull.

That Nolan Ryan card was one I really wanted, so of course it was one I just couldn't pull from any of the many Stadium Club boxes I opened. It's not too often that you get to see livestock on a modern trading card, but I believe there was a David Price card a couple of years ago that showed him with a cow at the stadium. That Johnny Bench photo is pretty cool, too.

To balance out the pitchers in the first scan, here are four pictures of hitters, including some pretty nice shots from angles you don't see too often on cards. Also notable is the fact that you can see most of the players rather than just close-ups of their torsos. Heck, you can actually see things like the catcher, the umpire's butt, fans in the stands, other players watching from the dugout, and huge advertisements for Monster Energy Drinks and AAA Insurance.

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