16 March 2015

Rainbow in the Dark 27: Jon Singleton 2014 Panini The National Wrapper Redemption Rainbow

A little while ago I saw this Jon Singleton card pop up on eBay. It's from the 2014 Panini Wrapper Redemption set that Panini released at the National Convention, and it's the Lava Flow 1 / 1 parallel. I put in a bid on the card and I wound up being the only bidder, winning the auction at the starting price. It took a while for the seller to ship, but eventually the card arrived. With the 1 / 1 in-hand, I felt somewhat compelled to seek out the rest of the rainbow. I don't know if printing plates were released, but I am pretty sure I got every other parallel that they put out.

I think this is called the Cracked Ice parallel. It looks similar to Topps' Atomic Refractors. Mine is copy # 16 / 25. The backs of all of these cards look the same. I don't even know why I went to the trouble of scanning and uploading them.

This is the Thick parallel which is printed on, you guessed it, really thick cardstock. It's not serially-numbered, but the rumor out there is that there were about 50 copies printed. I guess I will believe that. Either way, I needed a copy of it to complete the rainbow.

Finally, here is the standard base card. It is numbered # 220 / 499. As far as I know, that is it for Jon Singleton's 2014 The National rainbow. It was certainly a lot easier than trying to gather all of a player's Bowman variations. Singleton seems to be doing okay in Spring Training so far; hopefully that success will extend to the regular season.

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