04 March 2015

Pack of the Day 92: A Box of Stadium Club

I opened this box of Stadium Club so long ago that I don't even remember what was in it. I'll scroll down as a I type, and it will be like opening the box all over again. I hope I pulled something good!

So far the base cards are looking pretty good, with an Astro, both of last year's top Rookies, Tony Gwynn, an autograph-signing card, and a decent celebration shot.

I got a couple of horizontal Rainbow Foil parallels. One is the David Ortiz selfie shot with the President. The other is another card featuring someone touching Adrian Beltre on the head, which is something he famously does not like at all. That makes it extra funny.

The third Rainbow Foil is Tony Gwynn. Not too shabby. The Gold parallel in the box was Jason Heyward. I don't have much to say about it except that it's a decent photo.

I got a nice Justin Verlander Foilboard parallel, numbered # 04 / 25. These fell about one in four boxes, so they were pretty tough to get.

The Field Access inserts were one per mini-box, but I pulled an extra one because the Clayton Kershaw is a Rainbow Foil parallel. I don't really have a lot of Andrew McCutchen cards, but I consider him to be a borderline PC guy. I like that Nolan Ryan card quite a bit.

The Kershaw is numbered on the back, with this being copy # 62 / 99. These fell about 1 in every 8 boxes, so again this is a pretty tough card to pull.

The rest of the inserts were all base versions. The George Brett was a double for me, as I pulled that card in another box. Actually, going through my scans tells me that this might be the third one I pulled from a box. Those Beam Team inserts are pretty cool. I like the Triumvirate cards, with their little interlocking gimmick. The die-cut on those Future Stars cards makes them really annoying to line up with other cards on the scanner or carry in stacks with other cards. The same thing goes for the Legends and Triumvirate cards. I've pulled the Wil Myers card at least twice so far.

Hollands, Anderson, and Montero were the autographs I pulled in this box. I also pulled these exact autographs in the first box of Stadium Club I opened, along with the previous doubles I mentioned for the George Brett and Wil Myers inserts. Yuck. I guess this box was a bit of a dud outside of the Verlander and Kershaw inserts and a few PC cards.


  1. I love this set, but the auto situation was rough. On the flip side I guess this is why prices went down and allowed us to open so much.

    1. Yes, if the autograph and hit checklist had been stellar none of the little guys would have had a chance at this stuff. And this is definitely a base set that deserves to be collected.

  2. Are you trading the any base? If so, please email me at caitlinjennings64@yahoo.ca