08 May 2016

Contested Shots 13: A Treasure from the Panini Easter Egg Hunt

Every so often Panini runs scavenger hunts on their company blog, The Knight's Lance. In the scavenger hunts they post links to several photo galleries from recent or upcoming products and announce that they have hidden a few embedded logos somewhere in the photos. It's a good way to get customers to look at their products and the prizes are often really good, often including boxes of high-end product. I try to participate whenever they run a scavenger hunt. It's fun to spend an hour or so looking through card photos, and with only 100-200 people entering the odds of winning a prize are decent.

After Panini's Easter Egg Hunt (the hidden logos were eggs with a 'P' on them) this year, I was selected as a winner. Possible prizes were boxes of 2015-16 Revolution Basketball, boxes of 2016 Contenders Draft Picks Football, and an autographed card from National Treasures Football. There was only supposed to be one National Treasures card given away, but four bonus winners were selected to receive other National Treasures cards. I was one of the bonus winners.

At some point during April while I was in New Jersey, a package from Panini arrived carrying my prize. I opened it when I got home and inside I found this Treasured Receivers relic card of Odell Beckham Jr. from 2015 Panini National Treasures Football. It's a nice card, with plenty of holofoil and whatnot. The card has a nice blue relic swatch and it is serially-numbered # 37 / 99.

I'm not really a Giants fan and Beckham Jr.'s on-field antics have kind of soured me on him specifically, but it's always cool to win a contest and get free cards in the mail. I have to give props to Panini for putting these things together. I think it's a good thing that you have to put in a little work to gain entry to the contest, as it thins down the number of people competing against me for prizes. I also think looking for the logos is kind of fun, although sometimes they hide one really well and I tear my hair out looking for it. Thanks for the prize, Panini!


  1. That is cool, I won one of those Panini search and find contests a couple of years ago.

    1. I think I remember reading your post about that prize. It is cool that Panini does that for their fans.

  2. Sweet Beckham! Go Giants! Congrats on the prize!