22 May 2016

Click Here to View Cart 12: 2016 BBM True Heart Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Autographs

I was able to get a couple of 2016 BBM True Heart Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling autographs featuring some of my favorite wrestlers from an online shop that specializes in Japanese wrestling memorabilia. They have an eBay presence, too, but their website often has better prices and cheaper shipping.

The first card is autographed by Rabbit Miu, who is currently nursing some kind of leg injury:

I pulled that picture from the JWP Facebook page and cropped it a bit. I believe the wrestler whose face is in the foreground is Leon. Rabbit Miu is super-short and has a ton of energy. It's too bad she's out of commission for a while.

The other card I got in this purchase was for my main Japanese wrestling player collection, Command Bolshoi. Earlier I got her short-printed 2016 autograph with pink ink and an inscription, but until now I hadn't picked up the base version. I've got a good head start on her autograph timeline, but I'm missing a few years in the mid-2000's.

Rabbit Miu might be injured, but that doesn't stop her from goofing off while Command Bolshoi puts in work at the gym:

I took this photo from Command Bolshoi's Facebook page. She posts a lot of gym and food photos, but I put up with that because she also posts plenty of wrestling stuff and a lot of other wrestlers make cameos in her feed, like in this photo.


  1. Wow. Just looked up Rabbit Miu's height. 4'7"? That's awesome. I think I'm in love ;)

    1. Yeah, she's very short. Most of the other wrestlers tower over her.