28 May 2016

Pack of the Day 134: 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles - An Eye and an Eye

The main business over at Team Breaks is group breaks, but he also sells individual packs and boxes from time to time. Sometimes I will pick one of them up if the breaks are sold out or I don't see anything that really interests me. 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles has a jumbo pack format, with 10 forty-card packs per box and five hits, so you've got a 50% chance at a hit.

I'm starting this post off with an eye, as Heather Jo Clark's eye is looking pretty puffy there. I think this picture was altered for different Topps cards, so on some of them her eye is puffier than in others. I am pretty sure that someone else in the blogosphere has discussed this, but I pulled a couple of images from COMC to show the difference:

You can see that on the Chronicles card her eye is swollen and purple, but on the Champions card it's been altered to hide the swelling and discoloration. Pretty crazy stuff. I guess they didn't want her looking like a fighter on her Rookie Card.

I scanned a couple of horizontal base cards, too, with Ronda Rousey and Georges St-Pierre being the biggest names in the pack by my estimation.

Here are the inserts. I think the Fight Posters inserts are kind of cool. They don't seem to be very popular, but it seems like they are perfect for a trading card set. I don't think I'd want a whole product made up of fight posters, but a subset or insert is okay. Victorious Debut is an insert devoted to fighters who won their UFC debut. Todd Duffee isn't a big name as far as I know, but he knocked out his first UFC opponent in 7 seconds. That's pretty spectacular. Chris Weidman appears in the Octagon of Honor set, which I guess in baseball cards would be your Superstar insert set. Weidman was supposed to fight in the headliner of the upcoming UFC 199, but he backed out with an injury.

The Silver parallels aren't numbered. For vertical cards I got Frankie Edgar and Valerie Letourneau. Edgar has a fight coming up against Jose Aldo in UFC 200, and Letourneau has a UFC Fight Night bout coming up in mid-June against Joanne Calderwood.

Beneil Dariush is the other Silver parallel I got in this pack. The Green parallels are # / 288 and the Gold parallels are # / 88. To bring things full circle I will close this post with an eye in the form of a Jessica Eye relic card. The base relic cards are unnumbered, although there are numbered parallel variations.

I can't complain too much about this pack. There was nothing mind-blowing in it, but I got a relic card hit and a couple of numbered parallels. I can't complain too much about that.

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