30 May 2016

Building a Collection through Combined Shipping

I've noticed that UFC card prices are all over the map, so often I can get cards that are a pretty good deal by taking a shotgun approach to bidding. If I find something I like, I will look at the seller's other items to see if there is anything interesting that I can place a low bid on. If I don't win it doesn't break my heart, but a lot of the time one or two extra cards will fall to me. With combined shipping in place, it doesn't wind up costing me much more than just purchasing the original item I was after. One thing that happens from time to time, though, is that I get outbid on my original item of interest and wind up winning the extra items. That didn't happen with today's cards, but it has happened to me.

This is the card I was originally chasing. It's a Gold parallel of Randa Markos from the 2016 Topps UFC Knockout set. As far as I know, she doesn't have any autograph or relic cards, so I am limited to chasing parallels or inserts for my PC. I am able to pick up most of the ones with higher print runs fairly easily, but any of the Red/Ruby # / 8 cards or the 1 / 1 cards are beyond my means. I'd rather spend that money on other stuff.

The seller had some other UFC stuff up for sale and I bid on a few things, but this Cat Zingano relic from 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles was the only extra I wound up with. It's not numbered, but it's got a nice red fabric swatch. Zingano has a fight coming up against Julianna Pena, her first since losing to Ronda Rousey in February 2015.

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