27 May 2016

Breaking it Down 34: 2016 Topps UFC Knockout Hits

This is going to be a, "Look what I got!" post because I've run out of things to say and for the most part no one looks at my UFC posts anyway. I got these from some box breaks over at Team Breaks.

Based on eBay traffic this Cole Miller autograph from 2016 Topps UFC Knockout seems to be a dollar box-filler hit. I guess getting a hit is better than getting no hit, even if the hit is more 'hit' than hit. I was going to say that at least it's not a manu-relic, but the last manu-relic I got from a box break was a case hit that I sold for $42. This autograph is numbered # 019 / 249.

I was much more excited about this card, as Neil Magny is a guy I collect. This is a Knockout Autograph Relic card, numbered # 016 / 350. That seems like an awfully big print run for a relic / auto card from a niche sport, but I'm not the one making the decisions at Topps. Each box has at least 8 hits in it, so they needed plenty of cards with relics and autographs to fill out the cases. In spite of my snarkiness, I was happy to get a card of a PC guy from a break. I take kind of a shotgun approach to collecting UFC cards, grabbing whatever is interesting and cheap, but I do focus a little more on a few fighters. Neil Magny is one of the fighters I will grab whenever I can. Often watching a UFC event or looking at an upcoming fight card will prompt me to look for cards of a few fighters I find entertaining, and in turn my card collection will sometimes influence my rooting interest when watching fights. I've been having fun with it lately, so my blog and my buying have had a heavy UFC flavor recently.

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