14 May 2016

Some MMA Cards on the Night of UFC 198

Since tonight is UFC 198, I thought I would post a couple of MMA cards I've picked up. My month-long absence from blogging has left me pretty far behind in scanning and posting cards. These particular cards aren't extremely exciting, but they are already in my Draft queue and that means they get posted first.

I probably got these from eBay. They are a couple of 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles parallels of Randa Markos, one of the fighters I decided to PC when I started to get into MMA cards. She's got a fight scheduled against Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger at UFC Fight Night: MacDonald vs. Thompson on June 18th. It's going to be held in her adopted home country of Canada, so maybe that will provide some motivation to help her get a win.

She doesn't have a lot of cards out there, so I am limited mostly to base cards and parallels until Topps gets some relics or autographs from her. These parallels both come from 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles. The Green parallel up top is numbered # 048 / 288, while the Silver parallel at the bottom is not numbered.

I'm glad I don't bet on fights, because my record at UFC Pick'Em is terrible. Tonight's fights aren't over yet, but so far I'm 2 / 8 on my picks. We'll see if things pick up for me over the last few fights, but things aren't looking too good for me.

edit: Well, I came back from being 2 / 8 on my picks and got the last four winners right to finish a relatively respectable 6 /12. I wavered a little on my pick of Stipe Miocic in the Main Event, but I stuck with the pick and he rewarded that by knocking Fabricio Werdum out in the first round.

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