21 May 2016

Some Josh Wise Relics on NASCAR All-Star Weekend

Here are a couple more Josh Wise relic cards I picked up a while back. This weekend is the All-Star race in NASCAR, which is about as meaningless as any other All-Star event in pro sports. Josh Wise has a pretty interesting All-Star race story, though, so although he isn't in this weekend's race it is appropriate to post about him here.

In 2014 a Reddit user took note of Wise and started a push to get him voted into the All-Star race, as well as to get him a Dogecoin sponsorship. Most of the spots in the All-Star race are allocated to drivers who finish well or meet other performance-based criteria, but there is also a fan vote that allows for other drivers to get into the race. Over the last few years that vote has largely gone Danica Patrick's way, but in 2014 the support of the Reddit / Dogecoin community pushed Josh Wise past her in the voting and into the All-Star race, where he avoided a couple of wrecks and finished in 15th place. Lionel made a die-cast car of his Dogecoin car, which I was glad to add to my collection.

Today's relic cards come from 2014 Press Pass Total Memorabilia. Press Pass sadly went out of business right at the beginning of 2015, and eventually Panini picked up the NASCAR license. They haven't put out any NASCAR products yet, but they have announced a few products coming down the line, with Panini Prizm probably being the first one. This first card is a single-swatch tire relic, numbered # 076 / 275.

Next up is a dual relic with another piece of tire and a plain blue firesuit swatch. It is numbered # 149 / 150. I've slowed down a bit on my NASCAR collecting lately, but I will still pick up stuff here and there. I think getting a couple of Panini products out will really be good, because we 'need' some fresh material in the marketplace.

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