28 May 2017

2011 Press Pass FanFare Josh Wise - Coca-Cola 600

Although the vast majority of my NASCAR card purchases are for my Danica Patrick collection, I still pick up a few things here and there for other drivers, like the now-retired Josh Wise. I may have to start another driver collection at some point, as it seems like most of the racers I've focused on collecting are either retired already (Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Josh Wise) or are on their way out (Dale Earnhardt Jr.). That really leaves Danica Patrick as my only active driver collection. Some of those other folks will continue to get cards due to their popularity and status in the sport, but it's not the same.

This particular card is a Magnificent Materials dual relic card of Josh Wise from 2011 Press Pass FanFare. I don't recall where I got this one, but it was probably an eBay purchase. It's been a few months since I added it to my post queue. Instead of the usual firesuit or sheet metal relics, this one contains a piece of glove and a piece of shoe.

Back to active drivers, Danica Patrick qualified in 15th place for the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. That's a pretty good starting point for her (over 10 spots higher than her season average), so hopefully it will translate into a good finishing position as well.

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