21 May 2017

A Fantastic She-Hulk Sketch by Anthony Hochrein

My favorite comic book team of all time is the Fantastic Four from Marvel, with their usual cast consisting of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing. Marvel hasn't published a Fantastic Four comic book in a while due to legal disputes about Fantastic Four films, but I maintain hope that they will be back someday. Over the long publishing history of the Fantastic Four, the roster has seen occasional shakeups. During the mid-1980's, Thing left the Fantastic Four for a while, and She-Hulk replaced him as the team's muscle for a while. She-Hulk is one of my favorite individual characters in the Marvel Universe, so the combination of my favorite team with a favorite character is awesome for me. A statue of She-Hulk as a member of the Fantastic Four is the largest statue in my relatively small figure collection. I've also got a couple of action figures and other assorted stuff featuring her as a member of the team.

When artist Anthony Hochrein listed this She-Hulk sketch for sale, featuring her in her blue Fantastic Four uniform, I had to snap it up. I've purchased Hochrein's work before in the form of a Power Girl sketch, but it's been a little while. With my focus on my Power Girl and Princess Leia sketch collections, I don't get a lot of opportunities to add to other sketch collections. I'm always happy when I can get something for one of my other favorite characters. This one is a pretty cool sketch card, and She-Hulk looks appropriately powerful here.

Hochrein has a Facebook page and an Etsy store. He also has an eBay page, but doesn't currently have anything listed for sale. He's pretty active on Facebook, though, so if you are interested in his work it isn't to hard to get in touch.


  1. Marvel doesn't own the rights to Fantastic Four? Is this the same issue involving X-Men films too? My student was trying to explain the details over that and how Disney can't make X-men movies, because they're mutants. I was totally confused.

    Anyways... sweet sketch card!

    1. Yeah, it's a similar situation, but with more bad blood. I think Marvel wanted Fox (who has the Fantastic Four movie rights) to let them use the Fantastic Four characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Fox didn't want to play ball, and Marvel pulled the Fantastic Four from all titles just before the most recent Fantastic Four movie hit. I don't know if anything official has been announced, but the timing of it suggests that the two companies are having an ego battle over use of the property. Meanwhile, the fans miss out.