06 May 2017

We'll Always Have 50

I think I bought these cards way back when the NFL season was still going, after they had already fallen out of the playoff race and the chance to play for a second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

This was the main card I was after, as it contains a unique relic swatch and commemorates the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 win. There were a few different pylon cards available from the 2016 Panini Black Friday set, but I eventually decided to go for this one that features the Super Bowl 50 MVP, Von Miller. The pylon piece has a little more color in real life, but my scanner sucked most of it out. Also, given Panini's recent problems with relic and autograph authenticity, who knows if this really came from a pylon used in Super Bowl 50? 

The two cards in this post were offered as a lot, and this card from 2016 Panini Playoff Football was included alongside the pylon card. I wasn't necessarily seeking this card out, but why not get this one, too? The Von Miller card is the only one in the NFL Men's Lifestyle insert set checklist. It's another interesting relic swatch for my collection, so I won't complain.

I don't have many Von Miller cards, so it was nice to get both of these in one go. The defense was able to make up for the lack of offense for one year after Peyton Manning's arm fully turned into a noodle, but I have to wonder if they will be able to make it back to the top of the AFC West with such strong competition in Oakland Las Vegas and Kansas City. I guess the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers are in the division, too, but they haven't been able to do much for a while now.

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