26 May 2017

Topps Star Wars Evolution Leia Morph Insert

A recent product that I kind of liked from Topps was 2016 Topps Star Wars Evolution. It's a fun set that looks at the progression of different Star Wars characters as they grew and changed over time. My box break was pretty good, which probably helped my opinion of the set. One thing I didn't pull, though, was one of the Morph inserts. These cards use lenticular technology to show a character changing back and forth between different versions, and they were a pretty tough pull at 1 per 3 boxes.

I eventually sought out the Leia Organa version of the card for my collection. There is also a short-printed base card featuring Leia that I'd really like to get, but those were an even tougher pull at 1 per 16 boxes and the price tag on them approaches $50 on the low end. You can see older Leia's purple vest showing through on this card. As you tilt it back and forth, the image switches from younger Leia to older Leia from the recent films.

I've missed a couple days of posting recently. I just haven't been able to get any writing done. It's just one of those phases most of us go through from time to time. Hopefully I'll get some energy back over the long weekend.

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