30 May 2017

2017 Topps Now First Day Cards

Our power went out for a while this evening. Without any internet to browse, I took a nap. The nap turned into full-blown sleep, and now I am awake in the middle of the night trying to figure out how I am going to get back to sleep and get a couple more hours in before work. The lesson here is that I am terrible at time management.

We adopted a puppy from the animal shelter over the weekend, but she kept being aggressive toward our eldest boy, so we had to take her back. She was a really nice dog otherwise, but we couldn't have her acting that way toward one of the kids. There must have been a similar-looking boy in her last home that didn't treat her well. Hopefully she can find a good home without kids. Meanwhile, we have a voucher to put toward adopting a different dog in the next six months. My dog was very jealous of my wife's new dog, so he has been sulking around. Hopefully he will get along well with whatever new dog my wife winds up with, or at least be indifferent toward it.

Our twins also have been begging me for mohawks, so I finally got out the clippers and did it. One of them didn't really like his and tried to cut it off with scissors, so my wife finished the job with the clippers. Now he's bald like me. The other twin really likes his, so he'll probably have it for a while.

Now for some baseball cards. I haven't picked up a lot of Topps Now baseball cards this year, but I did get the Astros' Spring Training/Opening Day set and a couple others so far. I did want to pick up the first card of the season just to get into the baseball mood and put myself in the running for any reward Topps wanted to send out to 2017 Now buyers, so I got this Evan Longoria card highlighting the first MLB home run of the 2017 season. Longoria has been his usual pretty good self so far, but my fantasy team would like it if he could either get his average up or mash a few more home runs like Joey Gallo.

I also got this Mad Bum card that references Bumgarner's two home runs during his Opening Day start. Madison Bumgarner is a Basset Hound guy, so I am pretty much obliged to be a fan. If only he could keep the rubber side down on his motorbike.

I do wish that Topps had license to do cards for some of the more infamous moments of the baseball season as well as all of the highlights and walk-off wins. I would pay for a card of Madison Bumgarner going to the DL for his wayward dirtbike ride and the Bryce Harper / Hunter Strickland punchfest. I think I mentioned similar sentiments last year after Roughned Odor cleaned Jose Bautista's clock. It'll never happen because MLB's PR folks wouldn't stand for it, but I would pay for those cards.


  1. Hahaha I had an idea the other day along these lines. I wanted a Topps Now with Mad Bum's wreck on one side and the reverse showing that moment of him standing in the dugout during the Memorial Day scuffle as every other Giant jumped the rail to rush the field.

    1. Exactly, I would like it if Topps Now covered the full drama of the baseball season, even the off-field or negative stories. It's not going to happen, but I like thinking about it and I'm sure some of the custom card makers out there could earn themselves cease and desist letters for exploring the theme.