19 August 2017

Contested Shots 28: Sport Card Collectors MLB Pick 'Em July Prize

The Sport Card Collectors blog has been running an MLB Pick 'Em game all season, with monthly prizes and a big end-of-season prize. I've been doing pretty well in the game, although there are several consistent players ahead of me in the overall standings. I tied for the monthly lead in July, and the randomizer selected me as the winner for the month, so I had a few cool prizes arrive in my mailbox.

First up was this 2017 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autograph Peach parallel of Terry Mulholland. Mulholland played in 20 different MLB seasons, threw a no-hitter in 1990, and made one All-Star team. He also played for about a billion teams, with his best years being maybe 1990-1993 for the Phillies, the team whose uniform he's wearing on this card.

In addition to the autograph, I also got a box of supplies from BCW. One was this 3-inch D-ring binder, with plenty of room for pages of cards.

The other item in the box was a 100-count box of 9-pocket pages, something it seems like a collector always needs but never wants to buy. I will actually probably wind up doling these out to my kids, as they have been buying Pokemon cards and I've been pulling my cards out of binders in order to stock their card binders. Whether the kids use them or I use them, they are much appreciated.

It's been fun to participate in the Pick 'Em contest each week, and it was pretty cool to win a prize. There isn't a lot of time left in the season, but if you aren't participating yet, you can go sign up and try for the next monthly prize. Thanks for the contest, Sport Card Collectors, and thanks to both Sport Card Collectors and BCW for the prizes!


  1. Congrats again! Good luck as the final 5 weeks are upon us

    1. Thanks! I hope I can gain some ground over the last month or so.