16 August 2017

Topps Now Ultimate Card Giveaway Results

Back in February I bought some Topps Ultimate Card Giveaway code cards from Topps Series 1, and I won three 2017 Topps Now cards with the codes I entered. The cards I won were 10, 130, and 146, so I had to wait for the season's Topps Now moments to occur before I found out what players my cards would feature.

Card # 10 didn't take long, with the card being dated April 4th. This one features JaCoby Jones of the Tigers hitting his first career home run in his first Opening Day at-bat. It was his first and only MLB home run, and he has spent much of the season down at AAA. The print run on this one was 488 copies.

Card # 130 featured Phillies player Aaron Altherr, who hit his third home run in three days, a feat no Phillies player had achieved since Mike Schmidt in 1981. He's been pretty good for the team this year, but he's on the DL right now with a hamstring issue. That's pretty unfortunate. This card had 290 copies printed.

Four days later, card # 146 featured Mike Trout becoming the youngest MLB player in history to reach 150 home runs and 150 stolen bases for his career. It was nice to get at least one big name among my three winners, and Mike Trout is one of the biggest names outside of this year's hot rookies. This one had a pretty big print run, with 1,222 copies made.

I didn't do too bad with my Ultimate Card Giveaway codes. I wound up with three winners, and got a Mike Trout card and a couple of other dudes. I thought about buying some more code cards when Series 2 came out, but I never got around to it.


  1. Damn. I should have entered my codes. I'm pretty sure I just tossed those UGA cards. Anyways... congratulations! I really like Trout's 2-side action card.

    1. It was kind of fun to wait and see which highlights would appear on the Topps Now cards. I think there were a couple different types of redemption cards. One was for a chance at winning a Topps Now card, and one had a code for the Bunt app.