06 August 2017

2017 Topps UFC Knockout Randa Markos Autograph

I made it back from my work trip to San Diego, so now it's back to the grindstone. I got home late Friday night, and I had to work the weekend, so I haven't had much time to settle in yet. I have the day off on Monday, but I will have to use at least part of the day to take my car to the body shop after the little crash I had in California. It should be pretty fun.

This is a card that I chased for a while, since it is Randa Markos' first autograph from a Topps product and fighters' first autographs always carry a premium. This comes from the 2017 Topps UFC Knockout set. This is the base version, and my copy is numbered # 28 / 99. I had to get at least one version of this card, as Markos is one of the fighters I collect.

Markos fought last night in Mexico City, losing a split decision to Alexa Grasso. It was a close fight that could have been scored either way, but the crowd was overwhelmingly behind Grasso and Markos faded at the end. Markos is only 3-4 in the UFC, but I don't think they will cut her from the roster as long as she can get another win soon.


  1. Nice card and cool auto. Looking at the authentication guarantee at the bottom, I sure hope Topps continues the commit to having representatives present during signing. After the Dak fiasco, Panini has a big black eye. I think I even say a country music star has autopenned a bunch of Panini cards too. Keep up the good work Topps!

    1. I am just surprised that there aren't more autograph scandals in the hobby. Maybe it happens fairly often and they just don't get caught? I hope the problems at Panini have pushed all the card companies to take a look at their autograph procurement practices.