13 August 2017

Josh Reddick Topps Now

Just a quick one-card post for today, as I've let the weekend kind of slip away from me. On Friday evening the boys and I picked up my nephew and headed to Firebird Raceway to watch the Nightfire Nationals drag races with my dad. It was a pretty good time, and the kids were suitably impressed by the spectacle.

One of the night's highlights was Ed "The Outlaw" Jones and his wheel-standing stagecoach. It helped that along with driving his stagecoach up and down the track on two wheels, he also handed out plenty of jelly beans to the kids in attendance.

The jet-powered dragsters were also pretty exciting, shooting flames and making plenty of noise as they shot down the track. Saturday I didn't do a whole lot as I was struck down by my allergies, but I did manage to get out and get a snowcone with my wife for a mini date night. Today we had church and I took a nap afterward, because my allergies are still bothering me.

When Topps gave Josh Reddick a Now card back in April, I had to get a copy for my collection. The Astros have had some bad luck recently, with much of the roster on the DL and the rest of the team not playing up to their early-season level. They've fallen behind the Dodgers' pace and are close to being overtaken by the Nationals in the overall standings (although Bryce Harper unfortunately left the game today after an awkward encounter with a base). They just traded for Tyler Clippard, which should help to shore up a bullpen that's been shaky lately. The print run on this Reddick card was 279 copies.


  1. With the A's & Padres out of the playoff picture... I'm quietly pulling for Reddick, Altuve, Keuchel, and the rest of the Astros.

    1. I really hope the Astros can get healthy and make a run through the playoffs. They're a fun team. It'll be tough to get through those other great teams, though. They can hang with anyone else in run production, but their pitching worries me.