16 October 2017

Topps Now Astros Clinch AL West

I've found myself picking up quite a few Topps Now cards lately, as the Astros closed out a great regular season and began their playoff run. With the price per card being what it is, even through eBay resellers, I feel a bit bad for trying to get all of the playoff Now cards for the Astros. It seems like for each playoff win a team will get about 3 cards, and for each loss a team will get 1 card. That's a lot of cards! I know that if the Astros win the whole thing I'll be happy to have all the Now cards that chronicle the journey, but if they fall short I'll probably be kicking myself for buying in. So they'd better win it all, and in as few games as possible. They have a chance to really put the thumb down on the Yankees tonight if they can win Game 3 of the ALCS on the Yankees' field.

This Topps Now card comes from before the playoffs, commemorating the Astros' clinching of the AL West Division for the first time in a long while. They did it at home against the Mariners, behind another strong performance from newly-acquired ace Justin Verlander. The print run on this one was 341 cards. I don't know what the average print run for a Now card is these days, but this is a pretty fun one to have in the collection.

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