10 October 2017

Pack of the Day 177: A Blaster of 2017 Topps Chrome Baseball

I don't remember exactly when I picked this up, but I think it may have been in August. It's a blaster of 2017 Topps Chrome, and I think it might represent my only foray into the product this year. I could also be won't about that. Things kind of run together anymore. It contained 7 packs plus a pack of Sepia parallels. 

Here is a scan of the insert and parallel odds and the No Purchase Necessary information from the side of the blaster. 

I didn't scan all of the base cards in the box. With only four cards per pack, though, I only skipped 12 of the 20 base cards in the box. There's some decent stuff here among the horizontal shots. I especially like some of the stuff going on in the background, like the signs behind Springer and Donaldson and the action going on behind Naquin. 

This box was pretty good for me when it came to Astros content, with the Springer above and Hernandez and Musgrove in this scan.

I got three regular Refractors in the box to go along with a nice Blue Masahiro Tanaka Refractor. That one is seeded 1:101 packs and is numbered # / 150. Too bad that Tyler Austin wasn't a Judge Refractor, or I could be writing this from my new private island. I kind of hope the Yankees beat the Indians, as Cleveland's pitching scares me against the Astros.

George Springer makes another appearance among the inserts, with one of the two 1987 Topps Baseball inserts I pulled. Danny Duffy is the other one. I also got a Future Stars card of Willson Contreras and a Freshman Flash insert picturing Jharel Cotton. 

The pack of Sepia parallels didn't contain much of interest to me. The most interesting thing about it was probably trying to decide whether to do two scans or just stick that Odorizzi card in the scan sideways.

That's all for this blaster. I got about what you'd expect from an average blaster box of this stuff. 


  1. "I kind of hope the Yankees beat the Indians, as Cleveland's pitching scares me against the Astros."

    Be careful what you wish for...

    1. I thought something along those lines as I typed that out. The Yankees are a scary team, too. I guess once you get down to the playoff teams, everyone is scary.

  2. At this point... the only two blasters I'd pick up would be another Stadium Club or a box of Chrome. After 2+ decades... I'm still a sucker for refractors.

    1. Yeah, there's not much out on the shelves right now as far as baseball cards that interests me, although the local Walmart has a blaster of Bowman Platinum that keeps tempting me.