01 October 2017

Some WWE Hits and a Bonus from Puro Central Shop

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. We finished up our work for the Federal fiscal year-end on Friday, so Saturday was my first day off in quite some time. In the afternoon I headed into Boise for a WWE book signing by Charlotte Flair, who was at the Barnes & Noble store autographing copies of 'Second Nature.' I had picked up my book and wristband on Friday, but once I got in line I saw that she was allowing photographs, so I had to run back out to my car and get my phone. One of the bookstore employees complimented me on my Cthulhu-inspired shirt, so that was pretty cool.

I was near the end of the line, so I had a little bit of time to wait, but it wasn't too bad. The line snaked past several discount shelves and I used the time to browse the books. Charlotte was really cool during the signing, making sure to converse and take pictures with everyone in the line. Overall it was a very cool experience, and I was glad that I decided to go. I put this picture on Twitter after I got out of the building and she re-Tweeted it, so that was pretty neat for me.

Here's the autograph I got. The employees at the store had everyone write their name on a Post-It Note so that she could personalize the autographs. The store staff were pretty helpful and personable. It made me feel a little bad for doing most of my shopping online these days.

Charlotte Flair wasn't just in town for the book signing, though, as there was a WWE Live event in Boise Saturday evening. I bought tickets soon after the event was announced, and soon after I got home from the book signing we headed for the arena. I was pretty entertained by the event, and my wife and one of my six year-olds enjoyed it a lot.

My other six year-old whined the whole time and wanted to go home, and my eight year-old was determined to have a bad time until Dolph Ziggler insulted the people of Boise and he started to get emotionally invested in the matches. I think that by the end of the show he was having an okay time. Really, the key to enjoying a wrestling show is to allow yourself to buy into the storyline and be a part of it. It's a lot more fun when you cheer for the faces and boo the heels.

Some of today's featured cards show wrestlers who appeared in last night's show. I got these from the eBay store of the now-closed Puro Central Shop, which until mid-September was one of the primary U.S. sources of Japanese wrestling cards and memorabilia. This is a 2017 Topps WWE Undisputed Green autograph of Natalya, who appeared as part of the losing team in a 6-woman Tag Team match just after the intermission last night. Carmella and Lana finished out her team, while the winning team featured Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Naomi. This Green parallel autograph is numbered # 23 / 25.

The first match of the night included Big E as part of The New Day tag team defeating a team made up of Breezango and The Usos. It was a pretty entertaining battle. I know a lot of people don't like The New Day, but those same people probably don't like anything fun. This Bronze parallel of Big E's autograph is numbered # 24 / 99.

This TJ Dillashaw relic card from 2016 Topps UFC Knockout was included in the package as a bonus, as the owner of Puro Central Shop knows I collect UFC cards. I thought this was a pretty cool gesture. This mat relic card is numbered # 106 / 188.

After the opener between The New Day and The Usos/Breezango, Chad Gable and Rusev battled it out, with Rusev eventually gaining the upper hand. The match was all right, and Rusev got soundly booed after his victory.

Next up was another Tag Team match between The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) + Luke Harper and The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) + Erick Rowan. The crowd was on the side of the Hype Bros, and they eventually delivered a victory.

Once that match was done, Sami Zayn came out and beat Mike Kanellis. Sami Zayn seems to be incredibly popular, so the crowd was pretty excited about this one. After losing, Mike Kanellis got the microphone and complained that Mike Kanellis never loses. He demanded another match, and someone whose name I can't remember ran out and beat him up again and pinned him.

The last match before the intermission was a Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE US Belt. The participants were AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens, and Tye Dillinger. Most of these guys have pretty strong followings, so the crowd was pretty happy as the momentum swung between the different wrestlers. AJ Styles eventually won, and then the show went into a short break.

Following the intermission was the Women's Tag Team match between Charlotte-Becky Lynch-Naomi and Natalya-Carmella-Lana. Becky Lynch got easily the biggest response from the Boise crowd, so she's pretty popular here. Each wrestler got a little time in the spotlight during the match, and Charlotte finally closed it out with a submission victory.

One of the most entertaining matches came next, as Dolph Ziggler came out and turned the crowd against him with an insulting speech, and Bobby Roode put on quite a spectacle during his entrance. I hadn't watched many of Roode's matches previously, but he really seemed good at working the crowd. I always like it when a wrestler I've overlooked comes out and makes me a fan.

The Main Event was a bit of a dud, with Jinder Mahal defeating Shinsuke Nakamura in a battle for Mahal's WWE World Title. Mahal and the Singh Brothers riled up the crowd and made the event into kind of an India vs. the United States thing, but that didn't make a lot of sense as Nakamura is a wrestler from Japan. The crowd didn't seem to know what to do, and I thought it was awkward that, "U! S! A!" chants kept breaking out when Shinsuke Nakamura would get the upper hand. The match itself was pretty good, but the crowd never really figured things out and that really killed the energy, especially immediately following a couple of pretty exciting matches with a lot of crowd involvement.

Overall I had a great time and enjoyed most of the matches and the pageantry of the event. I hope the WWE comes back to Boise sooner rather than later, but there was a lot of empty space in the arena. I was hoping there would be a better turnout, as it would provide more motivation for them to bring more shows to the area. I did my part by attending Charlotte Flair's book signing and filling up five seats in the arena.


  1. I think this is the first time I've read about Dolph Ziggler on the blogs. FWIW, He's my sister's favorite wrestler.
    Sounds like the book signing was a hit!

    1. Wrestling doesn't seem to get a whole lot of coverage on card blogs. The book signing was pretty cool. I'm glad I decided to go. I probably could get a Charlotte Flair autograph online for about the same as I paid for the book, but buying the book got me a handshake, a short conversation, and a picture to go along with the signature.

  2. Since I don't follow wresting anymore, I had no idea Ric Flair's daughter followed in his footsteps. Very cool that you were able to attend her signing!

    1. She's a pretty popular wrestler, and it's given Ric Flair an avenue to appear in shows with her. It was cool to have this signing opportunity available. Boise doesn't get a lot of that sort of thing.

  3. Very cool. We went to a live event last year and had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing the card.

    1. I really enjoy the overall experience of attending a live WWE show. It's a lot of fun. I try to go every time I get a chance.

  4. That picture of your six year old son reminds me of some of my 7th graders on the days I introduce a new project. Lol. They're not really amused. Hope he ended up enjoying himself by the end of the event.

    As for Charlotte, I bought a signed copy of that book a few months ago. Finally came in last week. In all honesty... before the book, I didn't know who she was. I mainly bought it for her father's signature. Woo!

    1. The boys were wrestling each other in the lobby after the event, so they absorbed at least some of the show.

      It would have been neat to have Ric Flair there signing books, too, but with his health recently I can't imagine he's been doing too many events.