02 March 2024

Some of My Favorite 2023 Topps Stadium Club Photos

I bought a set of Stadium Club cards on eBay a little while ago, and flipped through the cards a bit to look at the pictures. Stadium Club would be a fun set to build through packs, but I can't justify the cost of building sets that way when I can get a base set for so little compared to busting a handful of boxes. The hits you pull rarely make up the difference, especially as most breaks I've seen of Stadium Club this year feature a whole lot of no-name autographs. I thought I'd post a few pictures here of cards I liked when I looked through the set.

That Yogi Berra photo is pretty cool, with the lounge chair, the big TV, and the neat cart in the background. The Joc Pederson photo hit me with nostalgia, as I collected the Chevron cars pretty hard when they first came out. After I had kids I opened all the packages and let my kids play with them, so they were all pretty well destroyed after a few years. I don't regret doing it, though.

Next up are a couple of intimidating fireballers, in Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson. I love that particular Astros uniform, and Johnson looks as intimidating as ever in this photo.

Not much to say here, just a nice shot of a play at the plate and a good wide photo showing the catcher and umpire at work.

This is about the most 90's pair of cards you could come up with. That Frank Thomas photo could have been a poster sold at the Scholastic book fair.

I had to get a picture of the home team in here with that Jeremy Peña card, and the Starling Marte photo features a beautiful sky as the afternoon turns to evening, a perfect time to be at the ballpark.

Closing things out is a silly photo of Joey Votto and a pic of Xander Bogaerts signing autographs. These may not be the 12 greatest photos in 2023 Topps Stadium Club, but they are 12 that stood out to me as I flipped through the set.

Haven't been feeling the blogging vibe lately, so it's been a few days since I posted anything. I'm trying to stick with it, but sometimes I don't feel like I have anything to say. I'd like for the blog to be more than just a showcase of what I've picked up lately, but sometimes it feels like those are the easiest posts to write.


  1. The Chisholm and Marte cards are my favorites. I with you on buying completed sets. You might miss out on parallels and hits... but it's faster and more affordable. I've been eye balling a 2023 set of Heritage for the same reason.

    1. Heritage is really difficult to build with all the SPs. I think it was 2014 I bought so many boxes of Heritage and still didn't have a set when I was done.

  2. I have yet to see any Stadium Club in the stores, so thanks for sharing! The price increase has certainly turned me off buying much more than a blaster box

    1. It seems pretty scarce at retail. I've only found the one box of it. I can't stomach the Hobby price either.