21 February 2024

C-3PO Golden Rod Error Sketch by John Soukup

Today's card is an art "card" paying homage to an infamous Star Wars card, the C-3PO Golden Rod error. Back when the original Star Wars sets were being produced, the C-3PO photo chosen had a bit of costume out of place, leading it to look like C-3PO was rather excited. This was scandalous, and Topps put out a corrected version of the card that removed the offending appendage. The uncorrected version is rather popular and probably one of the more expensive cards from the Star Wars sets now.

Recently, artist John Soukup, whose work I've featured on this blog before, has been posting Star Wars sketches done on wood to his eBay page. One of those sketches called back to the C-3PO Golden Rod error card, and I had to have it for my collection. I've got at least one copy of the error card in my collection, and in fact it makes up part of the background collage for my blog.

Here is the back of the artwork, for the sake of completeness. Not sure what SSW stands for, but it is appropriately labeled as a 1/1.


  1. Awesome sketch card of an iconic non-sport card. I'll never be able to confirm it, but I'm pretty sure 1977 Topps were the first card packs I ever opened. It was a big hobby goal of mine to own the entire set with stickers which I finally accomplished in 2014. The set came with the error card. One of these days I'll add the corrected version too.

    1. It's good that you got the error card with your set. It's become quite expensive since the card boom took off.

  2. I feel like I've officially seen everything now.