14 February 2024

2023 Panini Select WWE Nikkita Lyons Autograph

Today's card is an autograph I've been waiting to get for a while. I'm a fan of wrestling in general, and of women's wrestling specifically, so I try to have as comprehensive a collection as possible. One wrestler who's only had a couple of autographs so far is Nikkita Lyons. I've been watching WWE card releases to see when she might get a couple of autographs on the market.

Well, she's finally got a couple of autograph cards on the market and I eventually sniped this one from 2023 Panini Select WWE for a lower price than they generally go for at the moment. It's even Valentine's Day-themed, as she included a little heart as part of her signature.


  1. Replies
    1. She does have a nice autograph. Hopefully it doesn't degrade in quality with all the stickers Panini is having her sign lately.

  2. Not familiar with her... but like Matt pointed out... she has a nice signature.

    1. She's a relatively new entry to the WWE/NXT world. She does have a nice autograph.