12 February 2024

Panini Chronicles UFC Obsidian Holly Holm Autograph

Apparently I'm on a bit of a Holly Holm kick lately, as I've been gathering a handful of her cards recently. My hobby journey is kind of like that, wandering from interest to interest without much consideration for continuity or reason. I go where the wind takes me, and just try to enjoy the moment. Sometimes it all feels kind of pointless, but I must get something out of it because I keep doing it. Collecting is embedded in my brain as something I have to do. Sometimes it overwhelms me and makes the hobby feel like another job. Sometimes it is fun and exciting. I couldn't imagine my life if I weren't collecting something. The good thing about cards is they take up a relatively small amount of space on an individual basis. The entirety of my collection, even after all of these years, fits into a 4-foot square of 5000-count boxes in the shed. Other collections, like LEGO sets for example, have a much larger footprint per dollar spent. That's likely one reason why I will always default to card collecting as my main hobby.

This is a Holly Holm Obsidian autograph from 2023 Panini Chronicles UFC. It's a striking card, with lightning bolts all around and a clear autograph right in the middle of it all. It's some kind of parallel, numbered /49 copies, but I don't pay much attention to that because I don't have the attention span for it. I've given up on collecting everything for everyone I collect, instead focusing on cards I like and deals I can't pass up. This is another eBay purchase that I added to my watch list and got a discounted offer from the seller.


  1. I hope to one day narrow down my collection... but not sure it'll ever get down to a four foot square space. I think my binders alone make up double that.

    1. If I still used binders my situation would be hopeless.