08 March 2015

Danica Patrick Upper Deck 25th Silver Parallel 083 / 250

Way back in November I posted about a Danica Patrick card I picked up, from a 25th Anniversary set that Upper Deck put out as part of some promotion tied to purchasing certain products from them. In that post I mentioned that I'd seen a Silver parallel of the card during my searches, but hadn't yet been able to get one. Well, I got one. This card was actually purchased in November, but I've been sitting on a big stack of NASCAR posts for a while now. I've got close to 50 total posts sitting in my Drafts queue, and probably 15 of them are NASCAR-related. There isn't much difference between this card and the base card outside of a little different coloring on the border and the serial number stamped on the front. This one is copy # 083 / 250. There is an autographed version out there, too, but it costs a lot if you can even find one for sale.

Danica finished last week's race in 16th place after dodging some wrecks and whatnot, so that was decent. I actually got to see much of the race, as I remembered to turn on the TV in time. My boys had some fun watching it, with my oldest son admitting to his little brothers that even though he was sad to see the McDonald's car get smashed up, he kind of likes seeing the cars wreck into each other. It would be nice to have Dale Jr. win some races this year, and maybe even to have Danica grab a Top 5 finish and Josh Wise have a few better finishes. It'll be hard for him, though, as he's got a low-budget team and is usually a few laps down by mid-race.

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